A Eagle

A Thing About


A large bird who lives on Cape Cod. This one is also bald. Get it? Bald Eagle? Go USA!

Anyways. This guy walks around looking for free food. But usually, food is scarce in the area he roams. When he spots the player he will fly full speed at you. Here are some tips to deal with this bird.


These guys do not take much to defeat. However, they can be very dangerous. What they do best is fly. If you are on a small platform and one comes at you spin (if possible) or jump on it at the right moment. And if you get hit, you can possiby fall into a pit and die.

There is some good new if you are in a small packed area.

If you make a eagle hit a wall, you can kill it. These guys are stupid. They will fly into a wall like the septemer 11 attacks.

However they wont blow up so just jump on them from the wall. If the wall leads to a pit you can flee the eagle. Hurry though. He will come back.

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